10th English Prose 4 Book Back Questions with Answer

Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Prose 4 Book Back Questions with Answers:

Samacheer Kalvi 10th Std  English Book Back 1 Mark and 2 Mark Questions with Answers PDF in English uploaded and available below. 10th Standard New English Syllabus 2022 – Prose 4 The Attic English Book Back Answers available for both English and Tamil mediums. Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Book Portion consists of  07 Units. English Book Contain 07 Prose, 07 Poem and 07 Supplementary. Check Unit-wise and Full Class 10th English Book Back Answers/ Guide 2022 PDF format for Free Download for both English and Tamil Medium. Samacheer Kalvi 10th English Book back Solutions/Answers below:

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10th English Book Back Answers

Prose 4 – The Attic


I. Complete the following table with two more compound words.

Noun + Noun = kitchen garden, street car
Noun + Verb = mouthwash, sunrise
Verb + Noun = watchman, glowworm
Preposition + Noun = overcoat, upstream
Gerund + Noun = bleaching powder, washing soap
Noun + Gerund = housekeeping, air-conditioning
Adjective +Preposition + Noun = good for nothing, sleek in style
Noun + Preposition + Noun = mother-in-law, sister-in-law

II. Combine the words in column A with those in column B to form compound words as many as you can.

Column A – Column B
1. rain          – light
2. now         – thing
3. star          – fall
4. draw        – ball
5. play          – back
6. lottery      – ticket
7. under        – walk
8. man          – note
9. side           – world
10. foot         – hole

1. rainfall 2. Snowball 3. Starlight 4. Drawback 5. Plaything 6. Lottery ticket 7. Underworld 8. Manhole 9. Side-walk 10. Foot-note

III. Form compound words from the boxes given below and fill in the blanks in the sentences that follow with the appropriate compound words.

Waiting Out Income
Green Sun Room
Tax Alaram Dry
Traffic Wall House
Clock Jam Glasses
Hair Cleaning Cut
Put Paper

1. Siva visited the hair stylist to have a clean hair cur.
2. Tharani had given the sarees for dry cleaning.
3. The green house is a natural process that warms the earth’s surface.
4. Never wait for an alaram clock to wake you up.
5. The children were late to school as there was a traffic jam near the toll plaza.
6. The government expects every individual to promptly pay the income tax.
7. People usually wear sun glasses during summer.
8. The patients were asked to sit in the waiting room until the doctor arrived.
9. With teanwork we are able to multiply our output.
10. The room was looking bright with the colourful wall paper.

IV. (i) Form new words by adding appropriate prefix/ suffix.

1. accurate – inaccurate
2. understand – misunderstand
3. practice – practicable
4. technology – technological
5. fashion – fashionable
6. different – differently
7. child – childhood
8. national – multinational
9. origin – original
10. enjoy – enjoyment

ii) Frame sentences of your own using any five newly formed word.

1. Your calculations are inaccurate.
2. Please don’t misunderstand me.
3. These ideas are not practicable.
4. It is a technological marvel.
5. Women in that club wear fashionable.

V. Fill in the blanks by adding appropriate prefix/suffix to the words.

1. He was sleeping in his couch. (comfort)
Ans: comfortably

2. Kavya rides a to school. (cycle)
Ans: bicycle

3. There are only a of people in the theatre. (hand)
Ans: handful

4. It is to cut sandalwood trees. (legal)
Ans: illegal

5. The of the President has been expected for the last half an hour. (arrive)
Ans: arrival

6. The man behaved in from of the crowd. (normal)
Ans: normally (abnormally)

7. Swathy had no of visiting the doctor. (intend)
Ans: intention

8. The bacteria are so small that you need a to see them. (scope)
Ans: microscope


I. Complete the sentences given below choosing the right connectors given in brackets:

1. Call me in case you need money. (so that, in order that, in case)
2. I forgot that I had to meet the Principal. (whether, that, if)
3. Though he is ninety years old, he is the pink of health. (when, since, though)
4. It is raining. Take an umbrella or else you will get drenched. (or else, and , but)
5. They faced many hardships nevertheless they are always cheerful. (although, nevertheless, otherwise)

II. Fill in the blanks with the connector that goes with the underlined words:

1. Both the minister and the officers visited the affected areas.
2. Jaya teaches not only English but also Science.
3. Either Raghu or Bala will have to buy vegetables from the market.
4. No sooner did I enter the house than it started drizzling.

III. Combine the pairs of sentences using appropriate connectors:

1. We came late. We did not miss the train.
Ans: Although we came late we did not miss the train.

2. They checked the packet twice. Then they scaled it.
Ans: They checked the packet twice before sealing it.

3. Sita saw a snake. At once she ran away.
Ans: As soon as Sita saw a snake she ran away.

4. Robert submitted the project. He submitted it to the teacher.
Ans: Robert submitted the project to the teacher after he had completed it.

5. Yusuf was running high temperature. He could not take part in the competition. Ans: A Yusuf was running high temperature and he could not take part in the competition.

IV. Choose the correct linker.

1. _____he was honest, he was punished.
a. though b. but

2. Walk carefully ______ you will fall down.
a. unless b. otherwise

3. My mother called me_____ I was playing football.

a. or b. while

4. My salary is low _____  I find the work interesting.
a. nevertheless b. similarly

5. The passengers rushed to board the bus______ it arrived.
a. as soon as b. as long as

V. Supply suitable linkers:

1. “When I was alive and had a human heart, “answered the statue, “I did not what tears were, and I lived in the palace where sorrow was not allowed to enter. My courtiers called me the Happy Prince and Happy indeed I was. So I lived and so I died.

2. Many writers make incorrect sentences but they try to put sentences together. They may make grammatical errors and leave out important punctuation marks. Making such mistakes is quite common while preparing the first draft. Still he must carefully edit his final draft.

3. In most large cities and towns of our country, there are special schools for girls. In spite of that, there are many co-educational schools where girls and boys study together. Most parents allow their daughters to attend these schools, but there are some parents who are against such schools for girls above the age of 14 or 15.

VI. Rearrange the words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences.

1. as / I / healthy / are / you / am / as
You are as healthy as I am.

2. your / today / put on/ new / since / is / birthday / dress/ the
Since today is your birthday, put on the new dress.

3. allergic / dogs / Rani / thought / is / to/ of/six/ she/ them /has
Though Rani is allergic to dogs she has six of them.

4. speaks /Ruben/besides/ German / languages/ two
Ruben speaks two languages besides German.

5. loan /apply/ you/ if/for/you / a / get / will/ immediately/ it
If you apply for a loan you will get it immediately.

VII. Write the noun forms of the following words.

1. Beautiful – beauty
2. Breathe – breath
3. Enter – entry / entrance
4. Know – knowledge
5. deafen – deafness
6. zealous – zeal
7. familiar – familiarity / fame
8. accept – acceotance
9. dangerous – danger

VIII. Complete the following sentences using the noun form of the words given in brackets:

1. The boy had to give a proper _______ for being late. (explain)
Ans: expalanation

2. They could make _____ about the future. (predict)
Ans: prediction

3. At one point in life, he had no _____ but to trust his friend. (choose)
Ans: choice

4. The monuments are to be preserved because of their historical ____.(significant)
Ans: significance.

5. It is very difficult to work with so many ______ . (distract)
Ans: distractions.

IX. Rewrite the sentences nominalising the underlined words. The first one has been done for you.

Ex: Students work diligently to score well in exams.
Students work with diligence to score well in exams.

1. We succeeded in our attempt.
We got success in our attempt.

2. Nalini leads a happy life.
Nalini leads a life of happiness.

3. She failed and it disappointed her.
Her failure was a disappointment to her.

4. India became an independent country in the year 1947.
India got independence in the year 1947.

5. The child resembles her father.
The child has resemblance to her father

X. Combine the pairs of sentences given below into a single sentence using the noun form of the highlighted words.

1. He is an honest person. Everyone likes him.
Everyone likes him for his honesty.

2. Sathya gave an explanation. The police wanted her to prove it.
The police wanted proof for Sathya’s explanation.

3. He speaks well. It attracts all.
His good speech is an attraction for all.

4. Suresh is always punctual and regular. It has earned him a good job.
The punctuality and regularity of Suresh have earned him a good name.

5. The policeman arrived quickly. It made us happy.
The quick arrival of the policeman made us happy.

XI. Complete the sentences in the paragraph using the appropriate form of words given in brackets.

1. My sister wanted to go to Mumbai last week. She made a decision (decide) to buy a ticket at once. As reservation (reserve) could be done online, she gave preference (prefer) to book a ticket that way. First, she collected information (inform) about the arrival (arrive) and departure (depart) of trains and airplanes.

2. A few days later, Androcles was captured by his master. He had to suffer all kinds of punishment (punish). At last, he was thrown to a lion which was in great hunger (hungry). It had been kept in an enclosure (enclose) and had not been fed for several days. His friends stood there with tearful (tear) eyes as the lion rushed towards him. The lion stopped near him and stood for a while looking (look) at him. Then it lay down by his side like a pet dog. Obviously (obvious), the lion recognized Androcles and the help (help) he had given it.

XII. Identify the phrases in the following sentences and classify them Adjective, Adverb or Noun phrases.

1. The girl in blue saree is my sister. Ans: Noun phrase
2. Kohli hopes to win the trophy. Ans: Adverb phrase
3. The train halts at every junction. Ans: Adverb phrase
4. I have never seen such a picture.

Ans: Adjective phrase.

XIII. Identify the clauses and classify them accordingly.

1. Ram bought a pen that doesn’t write well. Ans: Adjective clause
2. Come back as soon as possible. Ans: Adverb clause
3. Most of her friends whom she had invited attended her wedding. Ans: Noun clause
4. My brother visits my father whenever he comes to Chennai. Ans: Adverb clause
5. Call me in case there is an emergency. Ans: Adverb clause
6. Until the sun sets, the old woman cannot step out of her house. Ans: Adverb clause
7. She knows where I go. Ans: Adverb clause
8. You can go wherever you want. Ans: Adverb clause

Listen to the procedure to book on-line tickets carefully and fill in the blanks that follow. Listen to the recording twice.

Fill in the blanks.

1. Login into your irctc account.
2. Fill in the information asked to you in Book Your Ticket section.
3. The starting point and destination of your journey must also be selected.
4. List of available trains will appear.
5. You must check on the availability and fare for the train of your choice.
6. Your personal details like ID proof number and email are a must.
7. After filling information and captcha click on continue booking.
8. You can make the payment either by credit/ debit card or e-wall

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