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Samacheer Kalvi 10th Std  Science Book Back 1 Mark and 2 Mark Questions with Answers PDF in Science uploaded and available below. 10th Standard New Science Syllabus 2022 – Computer Science 23 Visual Communication Science Book Back Answers available for both English and Tamil mediums. Tamil Nadu Samacheer Kalvi 10th Science Book Portion consists of  23 Units. Science Book Contain Physics 01- 06, Chemistry 07 – 11, Biology 12 – 22 and Visual Communications  23 units. Check Unit-wise and Full Class 10th Science Book Back Answers/ Guide 2022 PDF format for Free Download for both English and Tamil Medium. Samacheer Kalvi 10th Science Book back Solutions/Answers below:

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10th Science Book Back Answers

Unit 23 – Visual Communication

I. Choose the best answer:

1. Which software is used to create animation?
a) Paint    b) PDF    c) MS Word    d) Scratch
Ans : (d) Scratch

2. All files are stored in the.
a) Folder    b) box   c) Pai    d) scanner
Ans : (a) Folder

3. Which is used to build scripts?
a) Script area   b) Block palette   c) stage   d) sprite
Ans : (a) Script area

4. Which is used to edit programs?
a) Inkscape   b) script editor   c) stage   d) sprite
Ans : (b) Script editor

5. Where you will create category of blocks?
a) Block palette   b) Block menu   c) Script area   d) sprite
Ans : (b) Block menu

II. Match the following:

Column A Column B
1. Soil erosion (a) energy saving
2. Bio-gas (b) acid rain
3. Natural gas (c) removal of vegetation
4. Greenhouse gas (d) renewable energy
5. CFL bulbs (e) CO2
6. Wind (f) non-renewable energy
7. Solid waste (g) lead and heavy metals


  1. (c) Removal of vegetation
  2. (d) Renewable energy
  3. (f) Non-renewable energy
  4. (e) CO2
  5. (a) energy saving
  6. (b) acid rain
  7. (g) Lead and heavy metals

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