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Samacheer Kalvi 7th Economics Term 1 Unit 1 Social Book Back Question and Answers:

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 Economics – Term 1 Unit 1

Political Parties


I. Choose the correct answer:

1. Production refers to
(a) destruction of utility
(b) creation of utilities
(c) exchange value
(d) none of these
(b) creation of utilities

2. Utilities are in the nature of
(a) form utility
(b) time utility
(c) place utility
(d) all of these
(d) all of these

3.______is carried out by extractive industries.
(a) Secondary production
(b) Primary production
(c) Tertiary production
(d) Service production
Answer :
(b) primary production

4. Primary factors are
(a) land, capital
(b) capital, labour
(c) land, labour
(d) none of these
(c) land, labour

5. The entrepreneur is also called
(a) exchanger
(b) Agent
(c) organizer
(d) communicator
(c) organizer

II. Fill in the Blanks

  1. ________ means want satisfying power of a product.
  2. Derived factors are ________ and ________
  3. ________ is a fixed in supply.
  4. ________ is the human input into the production process.
  5. ________ is the man made physical goods used to produce other goods and services.


  1. Utility
  2. Capital, Organization
  3. Land
  4. Labour
  5. Capital

III. Match the following

Primary production (i) Adamsmith
Time utility (ii) Fishing, mining
Wealth of nation (iii) Entrepreneur
Human capital (iv) Stored for future
Innovator (v) Education, health


1 – ii; 2- iv; 3 – i; 4 – v; 5 – ii

IV. Give short answer:

1. What is production?
Production is a process of combining various material inputs and immaterial inputs in order to make something for consumption (the output).

2. What is the utility?
Utility means to want the satisfying power of a product.

3.Name the types of utility.

  1. Form utility
  2. Time utility and
  3. Place utility

4. Name the types of production.
There are three types of production

  1. Primary production
  2. Secondary Production
  3. Tertiary or Service Production

5. What are the factors of production?
Factors of production are Land, Labour, Captial, Organization.

6. Define Labour.
Labour is the human input into the production process.

7. Define Division of labour.
Division of Labour means the dividing process of production into distinct and several component processes and assigning each component in the hands of labour or a set of labouress. who are specialists in particular process.

8. Write the forms of capital.
The forms of capital are

  • Physical capital
  • Money capital and
  • Human capital.

9. Who is the changing agent of society?
The entrepreneur is also called ‘Organizer’. In, modem times, an entrepreneur is called ‘the changing agent of the society’.

10. Write the three characteristics of an entrepreneur.

    1. Identifying profitable investible opportunities
    2. Deciding the location of the production unit
    3. Making innovations

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