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Samacheer Kalvi 7th std English Book Answers Unit 2: The Wind on Haunted Hill

Samacheer Kalvi 7th Standard New English Book Back 1 Mark and 2 Mark Question & Answers PDF uploaded and available below. Class 7 New Syllabus 2022 to 2023 Book Back Answer/Solutions Guide available for English and Tamil Medium. 7th Std English Book Portion consists of Term 1, Term 2, and Term 3. All Units of 7th English Prose, Poem, and Supplementary Book Back Solutions are given below. Check Samacheer Kalvi 7th English Book Back Term 1 Unit 2 Prose PDF for Free Download.

Samacheer Kalvi 7th English Book Back for Unit 2 The Wind on Haunted Hill general and grammar part Question and Answers below:

Samacheer Kalvi 7th English Unit 2 The Wind on Haunted Hill Book Back Answers:

Samacheer Kalvi 7th English Book Back Term 1 Unit 2 Prose Solutions/ Answers are given below,

7th English Prose Book Back Solutions

Term 1 Unit – 2 Prose The Wind on Haunted Hill


A. Choose the most appropriate option:

1. The wind hurried and passed through the
(a) apples and mangoes
(b) pines and deodars
(c) berries and cherries
(b) pines and deodars

2. The market was
(a) 3 miles
(b) 7 miles
(c) 11 miles
Answer: (a) 3 miles

3. Usha went to visit her.
(a) Grand father
(b) aunt’s
(c) Cousin’s
Answer: (b) aunt’s

4. Usha took shelter in the
(a) ruins
(b) caves
(c) dens
Answer: (a) ruins

5. At dawn, the
(a) cuckoo
(b) linnet
(c) thrush
Answer: (c) thrush

B. Think and answer

1. Why was it a struggle for the children to dry their clothes?
The wind was blowing heavily and the clothes fluttered like flags and pennants. So the children struggled to dry their clothes.

2. What story did grandfather tell them about the haunted hill?
Grandfather told Usha and Suresh about the English people who lived on the hill a hundred years ago. During a terrible storm, one of the houses was hit by lightning and all the English people in it were killed, including the children – a brother and sister. Grandfather had seen the ghosts many times playing in the moonlight.

3. What did Usha buy in the market? List them.
Usha bought soap and matches, spices, sugar, a pipe stem and an exercise book from the market.

4. What scared Usha during the dark rainy night?
The black clouds, the howling wind, the heavy rain, sudden flash of lightning, the wild cat, the storm, the booming thunder, and the ghosts scared Usha during the dark rainy night.

5. How did the children react when they met each other at the ruins?
The children fell into each other’s arms in surprise and relieved by repeating each other’s names.

C. Discuss in class.

1. “Was it just the wind?”- What do you think Usha thought it was? Why?
Usha thought it was the two ghostly creatures that she had seen in the night at the old fireplace. When the top of the plum tree swayed, it looked like a hand waving. Even the voices of the wind seemed like someone saying goodbye.


D. Unscramble the sound – describing words from the text. One has been done for you.
Eg: igeglg – giggle
7th English Book Answer

E. The Detective’s Dictionary!
Choose the correct word from the box and fill in the blanks
(evidence, clue, detective, suspect, Victim)

  1. A _______ is someone who investigates a crime.
  2. A _______ is someone who suffers the effect of a crime
  3. Someone who might have committed a crime is a ___________
  4. A is an idea or fact that helps us solve a mystery.
  5. An ______ proves us that something is true


  1. detective
  2. Victim
  3. suspect
  4. clue
  5. evidence


F. Listen to the news report carefully and complete the following.

1. Name of the place.
Gollamudi in Andhra Pradesh.

2. What happened?
There was a ‘rain of fish’.

3. What time of day did it happen?
It happened in the early hours of the morning.

4. What did the people say?
The people said that it was a fish not usually found there.

5. What do strong winds and gales carry?
Strong winds and gales sometimes carry fish and sea animals along with the water from rivers and canals.


G. Work in pairs.

1. Have you ever been scared?
Yes, when I happen to go in the dark at night alone on the road.

2. What happened?
Suddenly a black car came fast and flashed the headlights on my face.

3. How did you feel?
I felt shocked and was shaken.

4. Talk about it in one or two sentences with your friend. Repeat it to the class.
Once I had to go to get emergency medicine for my dad which was not available anywhere nearby. I walked more than one kilometer through the dark streets with fear in my heart. Unexpectedly a car came in front of me and flashed its headlights on my face. I started running to escape from being crushed under its wheels. The driver applied the brakes and apologized.


H. Frame five questions using the picture clues. Begin with “Have you ever”.

7th English Book Solution

1. Write a story
Have you ever written a story?

2. Visit the Tajmahal
Have you ever visited the Tajmahal?

3. Cook biryani
Have you ever cooked biryani?

4. Watch a horror film
Have you ever watched a horror film?

5. Play Ten pin bowling
Have you ever played Ten-pin bowling?

6. Go swimming
Have you ever gone swimming?

I. Fill in the blanks with the past perfect tense with the help of the words given in the bracket

  1. When Usha looked out of the window dark clouds _______ (gather) over the mountains.
  2. She had no umbrella with her; the weather _______ (seem) so fine just a few hours ago.
  3. All was dark again. Night _______ (fall)
  4. She ran towards the big gap in the wall through which she (enter).
  5. Usha looked back at the ruins. The sun _______ (come) up and was touching the top of the


  1. had gathered
  2. had seemed
  3. had fallen
  4. had entered
  5. had come

J. Read this text and fill in the blanks with future tense:

India moves to Chennai to join an IAS coaching class. Tomorrow by this time, she ___(i)___ (join) the class. She ___(ii)___ (undergo) training till next year. She ___(iii)___ (work) very hard by the time she comes home. Her parents ___(iv)___ (worry) about her health all the time. They___ (v)___ (write) many letters by the time she comes home. They will be very happy when Iniya becomes an IAS officer.

  1. would have joined
  2. will have to undergo
  3. would have worked
  4. would be worried
  5. would have written


K. Nalan’s grandfather showed him an old treasure trunk. A road map was stuck on the trunk. It showed the spot where a key was hidden. Look at the road map and write five directions to reach the spot where the key is hidden Discuss with your partner and compare your directions with those of your classmates.
7th Book Back Solutions


  1. Walk straight and turn to the left at the end of the bend.
  2. Again reach the end and turn to the right, walking along the foothills.
  3. At the bend near the pond now turn to the right again and then to the left
  4. Walk straight passing the single coconut tree at the end of the path.
  5. Finally, turn the curve to reach the rocky area where the key is kept behind the first rock.

Creative Writing

Venba was walking along the beach. When she saw a beautiful green perfume bottle that had been washed up on the shore she bent down and picked it up. There was something inside the bottle and it was calling her. When she opened the bottle….?!!!

N. Imagine you are Venba and act the situations in the class. Then conclude this mysterious story in your own words. Write at least five or six sentences with the help of the words given in the box.
(Tiny, Sing, Talk, Bird, Free, Flay, Gift, Thanks)
When I picked the green perfume bottle on the sea-shore the tiny creature inside the bottle pleaded with me to open the lid. When I opened the bottle it was free to fly out and started to sing like a happy bird. It came near me and started to talk to me and I was surprised. It told its story of how it went into the bottle and said, “Thank You!” to me for setting it free. It gave me a bunch of golden feathers as a gift before it left.

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