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Samacheer Kalvi 7th std English Book Answers Unit 1: Alice in Wonderland

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Samacheer Kalvi 7th English Book Back for Unit 1 Alice in Wonderland general and grammar part Question and Answers below:

Samacheer Kalvi 7th English Unit 1 Alice in Wonderland Book Back Answers:

Samacheer Kalvi 7th English Book Back Term 1 Unit 1 Supplementary Solutions/ Answers are given below,

7th English Supplementary Book Back Solutions

Term 2 Unit – 1 Alice in Wonderland


A. Identify the character/speaker.

  1. I must find out why he’s in such a hurry!
  2. Go to my cottage and fetch my gloves and fan.
  3. Oh no, I’ll never get back to the right size.
  4. One side makes you big, the other side makes you small.
  5. I’ll see you later at the Queen’s croquet game.
  6. You may stay if you answer my riddle.
  7. Wake up. You’ve been sleeping for too long.


  1. Alice
  2. White Rabbit
  3. Alice
  4. Green Caterpillar
  5. Cheshire Cat
  6. Mad Hatter
  7. Alice’s sister

B. Discuss and Answer.

1. Why did Alice follow the rabbit?
Alice followed the rabbit to find out why the rabbit was in a hurry.

2. Do you think this was a good idea?
No, it was not a good idea.

3. Why can’t Alice get through the little door into the garden?
Alice could not get through the little door into the garden as she was too big to enter.

4. Why does Alice drink from the bottle that says ‘DRINK ME’ and why does she eat from the cake that says ‘EAT ME’?
Out of curiosity, Alice drank from the bottle that said ‘DRINK Me’. As she was hungry, she ate the cake that said ‘EAT ME’.

5. How does Alice feel after all these changes?
Alice wants to get back to normal size.

6. What do you think is going to happen next?
She may shrink again, after eating or touching anything.

C. Think and Answer.

1. What challenges does Alice face and how does she overcome them?

  • The size of Alice changes. She becomes no bigger than a doll. After eating the cake, she gets grown-up larger than the house. When she touches the magical fan, she becomes small again.
  • She gets insulted by March Hare and Mad Hatter at the tea table.
  • The Queen of Hearts puts her on trial and accuses her of stealing. She declares the punishment also.
  • When Alice got up from sleep, she realized the mad tea party and the trial were part of her strange dream.

2. Have you ever had a strange dream? Share your dream in the class.
Yes, I had a strange dream last night. I went to bed late and was fast asleep. Suddenly, I felt that I was in a fairyland. There was a big garden. The flowers were blooming. The fairies were singing beautiful songs. One fairy came to me and offered me a small chair to sit on and enjoy the song. There I saw a little child playing on the flute. He arrived in the midst of the fairies. Some dwarfs and elves were sitting nearby. The child brought fruits for me. Everyone was dancing and singing happily. It was a pleasant and strange sight for me. Suddenly, I could hear my mother shouting at me to get up and to get ready to go to school. I woke up and was surprised to realize that it was only a pleasant and strange dream.

D. Roleplay

Put students in pairs to role-play a conversation between:

  • Alice and her sister.
  • Alice and White Rabbit

Alice and her sister.
Alice: it Alice and White Rabbit.
Sister: Alice and her sister
Alice: What are you doing?
Sister: I am reading a book.
Alice: Let me see the book.
Sister: Here it is.
Alice: Are you reading a book without pictures or conversations in it?
Sister: Yes, I love to read these books.
Alice: What is the use of reading such a book? It is boring to read.
Sister: If it is boring for you, please stay away from me.
Alice: This hot day makes me feel sleepy. Let me have a nap.

Alice and White Rabbit

Rabbit: Let me check the time. Oh my God. It’s late. I have to hurry.
Alice: Why are you in such a hurry?
Rabbit: I need to hurry for important work.
Alice: Stop! Don’t run. I will chase you wherever you go.
Rabbit: I will go into my hole. You cannot enter it.
Alice: Why can’t I enter the hole?
Rabbit: You are too big to enter into this hole.
Alice: Then what should I do?
Rabbit: You have to drink the little bottle on top of the table.
Alice: Oh Yes. I have shrunk in size after drinking from the bottle.
Rabbit : (Mistaking Alice for his maid). Go to my cottage and fetch my gloves and fan.
Alice : (confused) Maybe I’ll find something at the cottage to help me find my way out. I am hopeful.

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